Introducing CAFO’s New Managing Director

Welcome Managing DirectorThe Canadian Association of Forest Owners is pleased to introduce Christopher Lee as our new Managing Director.

With a background in forestry, and over 30 years experience working with industry, government and professional associations across British Columbia,  Saskatchewan and Ontario, Chris brings the just-right combination of knowledge, expertise and connections necessary to man the helm of the CAFO ship.

The CAFO board and members are deeply grateful for the contributions of outgoing Executive Director, Tony Rotherham. Tony provided sterling service and outstanding results getting the organization up and running, and we owe much of our early successes to Tony’s commitment, dedication and hard work. As captain of the CAFO ship, Tony set the organization on an even keel and charted a steady course for success.

Moving forward, CAFO continues to make steady progress finding alliances with like-minded and influential organizations across the country to more effectively carry a united and consistent message to Ottawa from Canada’s forest owners.

CAFO is particularly encouraged to be talking with a range of allied organizations, including: maple syrup producers, provincial woodlot organizations, the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, to find common ground where landowners can stand together with a united voice on federal policy issues.

We’re excited to work with Christopher Lee and look forward to continuing to cultivate and expand on the organization’s growing momentum. Please join us in welcoming Chris aboard!