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Please note, the “Your Information” section of the form is mandatory, but the “Additional Information” section is, as the name suggests, optional. We’re collecting this information in order to establish an accurate ownership profile for industrial forestland in Canada. This information is kept confidential and will only be presented as a summary of the membership, no individual ownership information will be shared.

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    Please note, this section is optional and all information collected will be kept confidential.
  • The table below illustrates the forest land ownership data published by the Canadian Forest Service. The ownership category titled "Private Industrial" is often understood to be land owned by forest products companies. Perhaps this was true 50 years ago, but not today.

    Ownership of Forested Lands in Canada (402 Million ha)
    Category of Forest Total Territorial Provincial Federal Private Industrial Private Woodlots
    Other Wooded Land 92 20 (20%) 72 (78%) - - -
    Forest 310 36 (12%) 243 (78%) 6 (2%) 5 (2%) 20 (6%)
    Totals 402 56 (14%) 315 (78%) 6 (1.5%) 5 (1.5%) 20 (5%)

    Discussions with owners of large blocks of forest land indicate that the ownership profile is much more diverse than expected. Private industrial forest land in Canada is now owned by forest products companies, individuals, institutional endowments, foundations, private investors, family holdings, pension funds, municipalities and other institutions.

    The CAFO Board of Directors wants to establish an accurate "ownership profile" for private industrial forest land. This information will assist in representations to governments and for use in public communication on behalf of our members. The ownership profile will be presented ONLY as a national summary. NO information on individual ownerships will be released.

    Please provide information on the ownership category of the land you own or manage. If there are several owners with a share in a large property, please provide the percentage owned by each type of owner/investor. We are not asking you to provide names of the owners.

  • Please indicate the category of ownership by entering a percentage (%) amount in the appropriate box below.

    If you're the sole owner, you'd enter 100% in the box under "Individual Ownership". If the forest property is owned by a mix of investors, please estimate the proportions. For example, if ownership is shared equally between a pension fund and private investment fund, you'd indicate 50% in the boxes below those two categories.

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