CAFO Annual Meeting 2018

As in previous years, CAFO will be organizing a series of meetings with elected and government officials to discuss issues of concern to CAFO members. The AGM will also be held at that time. The planned dates are May 1 to 3, … [Read more...]

CAFO Becomes A Member of the Species At Risk Advisory Committee

In April 2017 CAFO joined over 30 industry, environmental and Indigenous organizations to form the Minister of Environment and Climate Change’s Species at Risk Advisory Committee. The committee met twice in 2017 and plans are … [Read more...]

CAFO Ottawa Meetings (September 26, 2017)

In advance of the SFI and CIF annual conferences, which took place in Ottawa during the week of September 25 th , 2017 a series of meetings were set up with senior government officials and Minister’s staff. The main topic … [Read more...]


Début mai, plusieurs membres de l’ACPF se sont réunis à Ottawa pour ce qui est devenu un événement annuel : une série de rencontres avec des députés des circonscriptions où les membres de l’ACPF possèdent des terres ou des … [Read more...]

Historic Meeting for Canada’s Private Landowners

Here’s a story originally posted on the B.C. Private Forest Landowners Association website describing CAFO's historic meeting in Ottawa.On November 20th, 2014 PFLA packed our long underwear and hopped a plane to join the … [Read more...]

Bienvenue au nouveau directeur exécutif de l’ACPF

L’Association canadienne des propriétaires forestiers est heureuse d’accueillir son nouveau directeur exécutif, M. Christopher Lee. Chris possède un important bagage dans le secteur forestier et compte plus de 30 ans … [Read more...]