Who is CAFO?

Private forest land comprises over ten percent of managed forest land in Canada and is a significant contributor to the environment, economy, and communities.

The Canadian Association of Forest Owners (CAFO) cooperates with other organizations to represent the interests of forest owners across Canada. Working in partnership with associations, farmers, families and companies that own and manage forest land across Canada, we work to ensure government policy decisions affecting our lands are made with a fair and appropriate level of respect for property rights.

The Canadian Association of Forest Owners (CAFO) strives to balance the public interest and private property rights within a policy and incentive framework that encourages responsible stewardship.

A United Voice on Federal Policy Issues

An essential element to promote viability of private forests and encourage responsible stewardship is the coordination of landowner interaction with federal agencies to ensure that legislation and policy decisions are well informed about potential impacts on privately owned lands.

CAFO focuses on dialogue, information exchange and negotiation with Environment and Climate Change Canada and other federal regulators regarding laws designed to protect endangered species, fisheries and migratory birds. These regulations can have serious impacts on the management of forest land.

CAFO works to ensure attention is paid to reducing impacts of regulation on the productivity of private forest land and reducing the management challenges faced by forest owners when these regulations are implemented. We are working hard to establish a formal policy distinction between public and private lands as well as consultation to find ways to avoid loss of timber production and asset value.

At any one time there are a variety of active federal programs and policy initiatives that may impact private forest landowners and related stakeholders. Sharing knowledge on environmental policy, stewardship and land value enhancement amongst landowners is integral to ensuring the vitality of the private forest resource.


We aim to provide a positive and consistent voice on federal legislation to ensure:

  • government policy is fair, environmentally sound and encourages stewardship and investment on private forest lands
  • recognition of the value of forest–related ecosystem goods and services
  • compensation for the negative impacts of regulation on forest production

CAFO pools energy and ideas to respond to needs and opportunities, but does not get involved in markets and prices.


The CAFO Board is elected annually and is made up of four Officers, including a:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Association Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Board also includes seven Directors who represent the following:

  • Associations (1)
  • Sustaining Members (1)
  • Large Ownership (1)
  • Medium Ownership (1)
  • Small Ownership (1)
  • Directors at Large (2)

The CAFO Board works by consensus. Five of the seven spots on the operating board are reserved for each of the five categories of membership.

Follow the link to download the complete Terms of Reference document.

“CAFO-ACPF members own and manage over 3 million hectares of private forest land from coast to coast. Additionally, our members also manage over 15 million hectares of Crown (public) forest land.”